Equivalent/Non-Equivalent Opening Reception, October 2, 7pm-9pm

This exhibit will be on display from October 2-31 at
Stardust Video and Coffee
1842 E. Winter Park Road
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 623-3393
This exhibition pays homage to Alfred Stieglitz’s Equivalent Series. He photographed clouds from 1925-1931, exploring Kandinsky’s belief “that colors, shapes, and lines reflect the inner, often emotive ‘vibrations of the soul.’” (Eye, LBW)
I have been fascinated by the ever-changing beauty and vastness of the sky, and wanted to display the sky in an unconventional way than your straightforward color, or black and white photographs with the intention to push and explore Stieglitz’s intentions. With these images the sky that is omnipresent, becomes an object viewed differently. Imagination and interpretations take form, or memories are triggered pushing the ideas that Stieglitz was trying to capture with photography of an everyday subject, ever changing that hovers over us versus Kandinsky’s paintings.
Whatever your personal thoughts are from this exhibit you can’t dismiss that when viewing the sky we have an unidentified personal connection to it that always evokes some kind thought.